Welcome to our website. My name is Jack Gironda and I am the founder of Preferred Home Inspection Service. We are approaching our 34th year, with over 25,000 home inspections performed!

Here at Preferred Home Inspection Service, we believe that each home inspector’s qualifications, credentials and knowledge vary greatly. Before you hire an inspector, inspect the inspector. Be sure to ask the right questions. Make sure the inspector that you hire is truly qualified and skilled to perform the job that you need. We have been performing home inspections every day since 1986 and we were one of the first home inspection companies in Southern California. We have developed a methodical, systematic routine and can promise you the quality that you are looking for. We have set the standard for home inspections. Don’t be apart of an experiment. Hire a company who has a long-standing and established reputation. We encourage you to contact us for any questions you may have. Feel free to browse through our sample report to give you an idea of what your inspection report will look like.

Computer generated reports with photos that are comprehensive and easy to read.


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